Jimmy Olsen

Poison Makers - 2011 Book of the Year Silver Award Winner 

Welcome: Thanks for checking on me. If you’re a reader of Things In Ditches, you may be wondering what I’ve been doing for the past decade, since no new novels have appeared. There are even rumors that Ditches is out of print or unavailable. Not true. Use the links here to find it. I’m writing short stories too, about sixty thus far, five published in magazines. Wrote three more novels - another mystery, a scuba adventure, and a war story. The mystery, Poison Makers, is now available on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo and also available in hard cover. 
If you enjoy humor memoir or adventure stories click on the blog. I enjoy hearing from readers, so please, drop me a line if you have time. 

                                                    – Jimmy
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