At Sea

What does an ancient shipwreck, a woman’s strange and violent voyage at sea, and a grandmother’s tale told to her granddaughters all have in common? They are just three of 12 stories in Jimmy Olsen’s new short story collection- At Sea.

In these pages you are caught in a web of suspense when a wealthy man befriends a homeless girl on the streets of London. (Henry Grey-Morton) Near the end of her life, you listen to an old lady reveal an incredible story to her granddaughters. (The Rig) Or you ride along as a group of international adventurers search for a French warship sunk in an 1806 sea battle. (The Wreck at Ocoa).

This collection includes heartbreaking stories of war and love, death and daring adventures, secrets kept for a lifetime. In an age when short stories are no longer abundant, these poignant slices of life will satisfy readers seeking short fiction easily read in smaller bursts of time – waiting at appointments or resting between chores can offer pleasure instead of boredom. Short stories alleviate the gratuitous drone of television or endless political debates on Facebook. The perfect answer to the inevitable gaps and disorderly pace of modern life, providing adult entertainment with a small portable book that fits in a pocket or purse, feels good to the touch, and smells of the forest.

Rediscover what millions of the men and woman of previous generations enjoyed so often.