Poison Makers

In Poison Makers, as in Things In Ditches, Jimmy Olsen once again turns the traditional mystery on its head and shakes out stories of diplomats run amuck, deadly Cuban lovers, Caribbean voodoo and New York City car chases. Not a drug dealer, terrorist or serial killer in sight, but a protagonist, Edgar Espinosa-Jones (EJ), a reader can root for. A story that can be dark, but with uncontrived thrills that provoke both laughter and apprehension. Characters appear from the depth of Haitian Vodoun and Catholic Santo Domingo, and are little different from those who live next door to us, even if some are zombies.

EJ accepts an assignment from his enigmatic mentor Garrett Yancy to investigate the seemly innocent death of U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Adam Quist. His first job is to interview one of the Ambassador’s daughters at a secret rendezvous in Port-au-Prince, Haiti where he is drawn to her by an uncanny intensity as they travel dark streets toward a forbidden voodoo ceremony. Soon after, EJ is in terror for his life, running and hiding until he can find nowhere safe and is forced to make his last stand. Live or die.

Poison Makers is anything but the usual mystery. Set in the turbulent 1970s, the Caribbean seethes with political intrigue, revolutionaries, superstition, violence and EJ’s own tangled love affairs. With the help of his best friend, a crooked Dominican cop, EJ’s split nationality (Dominican/American) and quirky view of life combine to solve the mysteries at whatever cost.

Book of the Year, Silver

- Forward Reviews

"Exciting, twisted, educational...with great dialog and an unforgettable finish"

- Starred Review, 2011 – Library Journal

"It's been a long dry spell for readers who enjoyed Things In Ditches by Jimmy Olsen - published over ten years ago. I'm happy to report the wait is over...The result is a story filled with the atmosphere, customs and beliefs of a rich, exotic location. "

- Woodstock