Scuba is my fourth book of fiction, and the fifth, Red Sky at Morning, will follow it in the spring. As a Vietnam vet, it was one novel I always knew I had to write. I don’t know what took me so long.

But I began scuba diving eighteen years after the world’s first successful dive by French naval officer Jacques Cousteau. I was fifteen. My parents thought I was nuts. My high school classmates called me names and ridiculed me for being an “oddball.” But my dad was a woodsman, fisherman and the most curious person I ever knew. He had to know the answer to things and understood that I wanted the answers to what was underwater – in lakes at home or far away oceans. So I was certified in 1961, by an ex-UDT Navy frogman (Underwater Demolition Team – today’s SEALS) home after World War II. His very special talent was one not much sought after until actor Lloyd Bridges portrayed an underwater scuba detective in the television series Sea Hunt.

And that began recreational diving as we know it today, practiced by millions worldwide.

Novels are about people mostly and after a lifetime of diving I’ve met some of the famous, the bravest, and a few of the foolhardy. Writing about such characters is a matter of having far too much material.

If you like adventure, a strange bit of history, a satisfying love story and plenty of action give Scuba a try.

"This novel ....takes readers from a shipwreck 200 years ago to a present-day tale of greed, political intrigue, and mayhem....The plot is well-paced, and Olsen keeps the twists coming....A thriller that offers a good read for a week at the beach."

- Kirkus Reviews